Allah's mercy and love for His creation

{ Wednesday, March 23, 2011 }
I just came across this hadith qudsi, and mashaAllah, what a beautiful one!

The Prophet SallaAllahu ‘Aleyhi wa Sallam said
that Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala said:

Myself, humanity and the jinn, 
are in a great serious state. 
I created them, then they worship other gods that they themselves create. 

I bless them with my gifts, then they thank someone else for what I've sent them. 
My grace falls down on them while their evil deeds ascend to Me. 
I express my love for them with my gifts, even though I not need them. 
While they themselves avoid to Me with their sins and they desperately need my help. 

Anyone who turns to Me, I accept him irrespective of how far it is, 
and anyone who turns away from Me, I approach him and ask him. 
Any person who fails a sin for Me, I reward him with many presents 
and anyone who tries to please Me, I try to satisfy them. 
Anyone who acknowledges My Will and Power in everything he does, I let him bend the iron. 

My dear people are those who are with Me. 
Anyone who owes Me, I give him more blessings. 
Anyone who disobeys Me, I lift him, and caress him more. 
Anyone who disobeys Me, 
I keep the doors of My Mercy open for him; 
if he turns to me, I give him my love, because I love those who repent and cleanse themselves before Me. 
If he does not repent, I treated him still by placing him in a difficulty to clean him (his sins). 

Anyone who gives me the preference over others, 
I give him preference over others. 
I reward every good deed of ten or seven hundred times to countless times. 
I count every evil deed as one unless the person repents and asks my pardon, in which case I forgive even that one. 

I take every little good deed into consideration 
and I forgive even major sins. 
My Mercy surpasses My Wrath. 
My tolerance exceeds my reprimand. 
My Pardon surpasses my punishment, 
More gracious as I am with My Servants 
than a mother to her child.

Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah
From Madaarijus-Saalikeen


Hamid said...


Mashallah Im glad to see you as a muslim sis!

Allah guides whom he likes, may he makes the affairs of life easy and smooth for you.A'meen

keep up this work!

Hamid said...

Mashallah! Im realy touched by this post, brings peace in heart after reading.

Jazakallahu khairan kaseera.

Safiyah said...

BarakAllah feek, Hamid. I'm glad you liked the post.

Marie said...

Beautiful I read it twice - so peaceful for the Heart and the Soul.
Be blessed for sharing this hadith with us.

Safiyah said...

Thanks Marie :) I find it very peaceful too, mashaAllah

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