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{ Sunday, March 27, 2011 }
When I opened my Google page this morning, I read in the news that Israel killed another two Palestinians, and I felt the familiar mixture of sadness and anger that I always feel whenever I read about the cruelty and selfishness of Israel. To me, they are the embodiment of all the evil in this world. Not because they are Jews. I'm so tired of their comments that if you attack Israel, you are actually a fervent Jew hater who wants to be the new Hitler. I'm judging them by their actions, not by what kind of religion they belong to. They are doing wrong, they are killing innocent people, and the world is just watching and letting it happen. Even the Arab and Islamic countries are not supporting the Palestinians, or not enough. Most of them even have relations with Israel. Really, what would happen if all the Islamic countries would unite and take a stand against Israel and the US? I think it would really make a difference, especially since the Middle East has an important weapon: oil. The problem is that this little scenario will never happen, since the Arabs are even discriminating each other. All this makes me so sad. I feel so powerless. There is so much evil in this world, evil that goes unpunished. People's words and actions are so different. Some support the Palestinians with their tongue, while buying things from Israel and supporting them economically with their hands. I have no uplifting words. I feel it's all so hopeless. When will it end?

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MedinianBreeze said...

Every tyrant has his day!
Thanks for the well written post

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