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{ Tuesday, March 15, 2011 }

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22 February 2011
If you wish for light, be ready to receive light. 
Nourish your ego and be deprived of light. 
If you wish to find a way out of this prison, 
do not turn away; 
bow down in worship and draw near.
- Rumi
If you want light, be ready for it. That’s what the great poet Rumi is trying to tell us. If we only think about ourselves, our life, our career, our needs and greed, we will not receive light, because as the Buddhists say, our cup is full! 
We can’t see anything beside ourselves, and our thoughts are firmly grounded in daily life. We are all guilty of it, myself included. Life can be so hectic, and sometimes difficult, that I don’t have much energy left to think about “higher” things. I mean, hello, I have a paper to finish!
Still, Rumi warns us, do not turn away, bent down in worship and draw near.
How easy it is to forget our blessings, and to focus on what’s going wrong in our lives! If I only had more money, I would be able to buy this and this, and then I would be happy! If I only had a partner who’s here to take care of me, and to love me, my life would be great! If I only had more friends, I would feel so much better about myself! And the list goes on…
The truth is that peace, fulfillment and happiness, are not somewhere out there in the world, waiting to be triumphantly snatched by us. They are attitudes, a way of living. They come from within. If we are focused on always wanting more, we will never be satisfied, no matter what. If we are grateful with what we have, we will always find things to be happy about.  I’m sure you heard this many times before, but we forget so easily… Our culture is based on buying happiness, just look at all the ads on TV or in the magazines. 
Me too, I’d buy a new cellphone, computer or eyeliner, thinking it would add something fundamental to my life. But the more we “nourish our ego”, the further we are from our goal, i.e. to find peace and fulfillment.
That’s were (for me) religion kicks in. No matter how busy I am during the day, I’m a Muslim, and it’s expected of me to bend in worship 5 times a day. This obligation is a mercy from God, to be sure. It helps to keep my focus on the important things in life, on what really matters. It helps me to grow a feeling of gratitude, as I thank God for my blessings. Gratitude leads to a feeling of contentment, and therefore peace. If we just take a moment to think about all the things we have in life: our family, our friends, a roof above our heads, education, food when we are hungry,… we realise we are very blessed indeed! If we forget to show gratitude, we can get caught up in a spiral of moodiness, feeling inadequate, and even depression, because the days can seem so dark! But all it takes is a shift in perception. There is always something to feel grateful about, even if we feel we are lacking so much. When we bow down in prayer, our perception changes, and we are finally ready to receive the light. And then, there is nothing that can’t be done.


rose water said...

Sister, I LOVE your blog so much :D If you are from the Dutch speaking part of Belgium you would understand this: Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands omdat ik 1½ jaar in België gewoont heb :D dus ben ik blij om een Nederlands meisje hier te ontmoeten die ook Moslim is, masha'Allah.
I'm so happy MoOn linked to your blog, so I found yours. I read some of your posts and like all of them. This one is also very beautifully written and I love the Rumi quote.

Take care.

Safiyah said...

Thank you very much! :) ja, ik versta je helemaal :) Heel leuk dat je in België hebt gewoond,mashaAllah! Vond je het leuk?
Thanks for the compliments :) All the good things in my blog come from Allah, alhamdulillah ;)

rose water said...

Assalaamu Alaikum sister!
Ik vind het leuk veer Nederlands te schrijven! :D In België vond ik het wel heel leuk. Ik heb vrijvilligers werk in een jeugdhuis met marokkaanse jongeren in Brussel gedaan. Soms mis ik de jongeren en ook Brussel, Gent, Antwerpen en andere steden, waar ik geweest ben... :)

I hope you're having a beautiful day :)
Take care.

Safiyah said...

W aleykum assalaam! :)

Wat een waardevolle ervaring! Ik hoop dat je nog eens terugkomt naar België :)

Ik wens je een mooie dag toe!

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