Another self-proclaimed Islam expert *sigh*

{ Wednesday, April 6, 2011 }
This morning I read an article in De Standaard, a Belgian newspaper, that I found too stupid for words.
The columnist, Kristl Strubbe, belongs to the liberal party of Belgium, open VLD. Despite the fact that Belgium is in a political crisis, she decided to dedicate her attention to a new and dangerous Islamic phenomenon in Belgium: muslim men who wear swimming shorts when showering with their teammates after playing football! What a disgrace! Strubbe tells us that men showering naked after playing football is a Flemish tradition since like forever, and now this new Muslim men have the nerve to come and wear a swimming short! Imagine that! Mrs. Strubbe despises prudishness, and considers it an evil that's spreading like wildfire, because now Belgian men are also considering to wear a swimming short while showering!" No, men have to shower naked!" she cries.
And Mrs Strubbe is also quite the Islam expert, because she tells us that there is no religious ruling telling men to cover when they're among each other. That it's only about shame. Errr. First mistake. Muslim men are required to cover from the navel until the knee in front of other men. Then, straight after, she tells us that Muslim women have no problem being completely naked among each other. This might be true for some women, but according to Islam ruling, women are also required to cover from navel to knee when they are alone together. It is clear that Strubbe knows zero nada noppes about the rules of Islam, but hey, she's the one who knows what Islam is really about! I'm telling you! *Sarcasm growing by the minute here*
Of course, her little article wouldn't be complete without an opinion about the headscarf thrown in somewhere. She thinks it's "humiliating and unworthy of religion that women have to cover just because men might see them as an object of lust." But, she states, is a ban on hijaab the right idea? I mean, now those evil Muslim men will keep their women at home! No, this is hardly the solution!
Her words clearly imply that the possibility that women actually want to wear it is completely non-existent in her mind. So there, another self-proclaimed Islam expert has spoken. Newspapers seem to be filled with them nowadays. Where is the time that you still needed to research stuff before you wrote an article on it?
To non-Muslims, it reaffirms the stereotypes they have about Islam. To Muslims, it reaffirms the ignorance of the West on many things related to Islam. To me, it makes me angry and scares me at the same time. My society is growing more hostile towards Muslims. I don't really feel at home anymore, and I'm not even wearing a headscarf yet! I don't think I will stay here if things continue to deteriorate like that.

There, I used my right on freedom of expression.


MedinianBreeze said...

Sadly, criticising Islam or Muslims has become a short way to "fame" or, at least, it guarantees the offender some sympathy from like minded losers.
This writer couldn't be any stupider. And to get such a shallow and a childish article published in such a newspaper is very disesteeming and insulting to the neutral open minded public.
A well written article, hayati. Thanks x

Marie said...

Good post Safiyah, reading it makes me feel sorry fo the woman who wrote this article in the Newspaper. What is really the problems with men wearing swimsuit!Ridiculous!

As MedinianBreeze said Muslim and Islam are the subject of our time, every negative optinion medias can produce is a treat for all the ones who don't want to explore beyond what they have been taught.

In France (where I am from) people are the first ones to exclude from school young girls wearing Hijab or even long dark skirts (I read something on this recently). As for the girls wearing strings, very short skirts or heavy make up, it seems to be the norm. I am definitely shocked when I see schools accepting this type of clothes, while the ones who are dressing with modesty have to find an alternative way of learning or are under pressure to give up what they believe in for 7 hours a day. Try to understand? I can't.
Where is the world going, it is what I ask myself?

Thanks for sharing with us. Best wishes and May God help you find a place where you'll be able one day to be you and live in peace.

Blue Pearl said...

i completely agree with your post!

rose water said...

You won an award! :)

Marie said...

An Inspirational Award! Check my blog!

Anonymous said...

I read many comments from europe, brought on by the burkini, that all europeans should be forced to wear bikinis or go naked when swimming. I find it amusing that islam is making europeans believe that public nudity is a proud expression of their culture! It's so odd!

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