Good luck, Saudi women!

{ Friday, June 17, 2011 }
Today is the 17th of June, D-day for the women in Saudi Arabia. A national campaign has called on all Saudi women who have an international license to go out and drive. Please pray for them that everything will go well, that they are protected from harm and that they will get what they want: the right to drive!

If you are interested, you can follow #Women2Drive on Twitter, or show your support on Facebook by joining Support #women2drive and other pages. Please do so! 

May God be with you, women of Saudi Arabia!


Anonymous said...

That's a good thing, I heard about this day and it's a great step and more freedom for these women.
I'll pray they will win this battle. It's a start!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

They will have that freedom one day, insh'allah. And I do believe God wills it. Of he looks down at us and says "geeze, that law sure is silly."

Safiyah said...

@Marie: indeed, it's a start, but what makes me sad is that if this little, on the outside trivial right, is so hard for Saudi women to obtain, how they will every get their fundamental rights met? :(

@Hannah: I believe so too, that God wills it :) There is nothing in Islam that prohibits women from driving, it's the Saudi culture that is stubborn and refuses to give women their fundamental rights.

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