All shall fade

{ Saturday, July 16, 2011 }
Being confronted with death in such a close way, was a real shock for me. It makes all the small things we worry about seem so insignificant. All day I've been very conscious of how time takes everything away, no matter how hard you try to hold on to it. Some people are so in love with the world and material things and never think about what exactly they will take with them after they die. What does it matter to be rich when you can't keep a penny after death? Religion warns us for this: don't get caught up in the splendor of the world, for all shall fade away and be brought back to God. I think it's important to remember this. The only things we can take with us are our good and bad deeds. So is it not much more important to do good? To be a blessing to others? What does money or power mean anyway, in the end? Yes, we need money to survive, but do we really need to keep all our money to ourselves? Do we really have too little to share? No, because God is the Sustainer, and when you give to others, you will receive. The priest said it well during the service: "How can you find God after death when you never looked for Him when you were alive?" 
So, how can we look for Him? By doing things that pleases God, and make us closer to Him. I believe that we were all given free will, and that we have a choice to let God's presence in our lives or not.
Of course it's only natural and human to think about things we want to achieve and have during our life here on earth. We think about our studies, work, possessions, spouses, children etc. But our days pass so quickly, and we spend them in a rush, running from here to there, without paying attention to our soul, inner life and God. It takes a conscious decision to slow down and listen to yourself, listen to the deeper meaning of life. Don't wait until you are laying on your death bed to discover that everything you did in life was meaningless because they don't have any worth after death. Let our life be a blessing and light to others, let us always remember to let God into our lives, because He is the best Guide, and knows what is best for us in this life and after death. Let us be grateful to Him, our Creator, who loves us more than a mother loves her child. Let us remember our blessings, which are always plenty. Let us enjoy our lives but focus on God, the One who will be with us forever, inshaAllah.


Almost a Muslimah said...

you said that we should do things that please God. how do I know what pleases God?
sometimes i feel so inadequate when i read that we should remember God, open our hearts, let him in etc. cause he is the one who will always be with us.
i don't feel it in my heart, in my brain. i don't feel God cares about me, about any single one of us here. i don't feel God's presence or providence :(

sorry, end of rant :)
hope you are holding up somehow xx

Safiyah said...

You please God already by just being you :) You don't have to feel inadequate, hun. Maybe your image of God is making you feel not good enough, like He is some angry vengeful judge waiting for you to make a mistake so He can punish you. I don't believe God is like that. I believe God is love and mercy, and whether you feel His presence or not, He loves you. The reason why I said that we should make time for God, is because I believe it will benefit us immensely. But I don't want you to feel forced or inadequate or anything. Sorry if my post made you feel like that. And feel free to rant anytime you want, I'm here to listen, sweety x

Aziza said...

What a beautiful reminder...let's make the most of our short time here on Earth and inshallah it will all be worth it. :)

Almost a Muslimah said...

hey Safiyah!

thanks hun! please don't apologise cause it's your blog and i like to read it :-) has been struggling with religion, God etc for some time now haha hence the impressions I get.
and i guess my image of God as a vengeful judge comes from the scriptures/my impressions of scriptures.
anyways, I hope I will get 'there' at some point :)

hope you are holding up :-) xx

Safiyah said...

Thank you, Aziza! :-) x

Almost a Muslimah, the scriptures can indeed give that impression, but I am more in favor of following your heart when it comes to this. Sometimes I think that because people are angry and judgmental, they want God to be like that too. I just cannot come to terms with God being the Most Merciful, and at the same time there being a hell that's worse than anything this Earth has ever seen (including Auschwitz).
You are already 'there' ;-) You don't have to go anywhere, just be! :-)

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