The Beauty in Women

{ Saturday, July 30, 2011 }

Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way. Whether she is slim or curvaceous, her beauty is apparent and unmistakable. She has her own light, that shines whenever she smiles, with twinkling eyes.

Women are the caregivers of this world. Imagine a world without women, how dark and unloving would that world be? Women nurture their loved ones, and make them a home to relax and be at peace in. 
Women are soft and kind, and make others feel at ease.

Women are resilient, and go through suffering and pain with their head held high. Women have strength and tremendous patience, and even when they shed tears, their heart remains strong and determined.

Women feel the suffering of the world the strongest, and are emphatic beings, always ready to support, listen and care. They may be called "emotional", but it's a gift rather than a weakness. They can feel the pain and joy of others and truly understand what someone is going through. 

Women are smart and can use their heads perfectly. Women enjoy education and perform very well in their jobs. Women can be rational and feeling at the same time, but don't make decisions without using their hearts. 

Women are closest to nature, and are like the tides of the sea connected with the moon. Women follow the cycles of life, like the seasons of the earth, and are most sensitive to it. A woman in touch with her intuition knows when it's time to let something live or die in her life. 

Women talk with each other to make connection, and are always ready to give kind advice and provide a listening ear. Their primary focus is on compassion and understanding, and they are well aware of the importance of being there for someone, even when there is no immediate solution to their problems. 

Women are beautiful creatures, in every single way. Kind, loving, patient, tender, strong, resilient, feeling, compassionate, humble, and ever ready to improve themselves. So let's be proud of ourselves and not allow anyone to insult our qualities and call them weak.

I love you, my Sisters (all my Sisters, Muslim and non-Muslim!)


♡ αmαℓ said...

Mashallah, that was very nicely written :)

Almost a Muslimah said...

where is the 'love' button? :)

what a beautiful post! i can definitely feel the love and sending loads your way too :) xx

The Linoleum Surfer said...

Beautiful post, beautiful blog. Pleased to meet you. :)

Aiman said...

What a beautiful post. I think i have to make my husband read this lol.

Thanks for following, followed you back.

Safiyah said...

Thank your for the compliment, Amal :) It's much appreciated!

Aww, thanks, Almost! You know I love you tons :)

Thanks, Surfer! :) I really enjoy your blog, you are critical but funny at the same time :) Pleased to meet you too!

Aiman, thanks for your lovely comment, and you are welcome! :)

MarieHarmony said...

Safiyah, wonderful and lovely post. Inspiring writing for all the women we know or around us. Sending my love from Ireland. Take good care of yourself.

Pandora`s Box said...

What a lovely post. You made me all sniff sniff :)

äмän ♥ said...

Beautiful post :)
do follow me :)

Safiyah said...

Thank you, Marie :) Sending you love back! Stay well x

Thank you, Pandora :) you have a very nice blog!

Thank you, Aman :) Thanks for introducing me to your lovely blog, and I followed you :)

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