Please pray for her!

{ Sunday, July 3, 2011 }
I'm going through a hard time at the moment, because my grandmother is in hospital. She's very ill and the doctors believe that these will be her last days. I held her hand yesterday, trying to keep smiling and fight the tears, but it's really hard. My grandmother is a very good person and she's a devout catholic. The priest came yesterday to pray for her. He was a really nice man. I prayed the christian way because he asked us to make a cross and say christian prayers with him. I did it out of respect for my grandmother and her religion. 
I haven't been able to read the comments on my previous post yet, I'm sorry for that. All I know is that I remember the words of some of my Muslim friends who said that it's even sadder when a non-Muslim dies, because they will most likely go to hell. The thought of my grandmother going to hell seems just so cruel and unjust, and I don't believe any of this. It just makes me angry that some people think like that. My grandmother was poor and she raised her two sons all by herself, because her husband died very early. She used to babysit us when my brother and I were little and my mother used to drop us off there when we were sick. She's very kind and always worried about us. I love her dearly, she's one of the best persons I know. Please pray for her, that she may be surrounded by God's blessings and that He will take away her pain. Thank you very much!
We are going to the hospital now again.


Melody said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sad news, Safiyah. My prayers are with you, your grandmother, and all your family. She sounds like an astounding woman, and God will take care of her.

Almost a Muslimah said...

i hope your grandma will feel better soon. also lots of strength for your grandma, yourself and your family. i will pray tonight, the way i can.. hang in there! xx

MarieHarmony said...

I am with you and your family, praying God eases your grandmother's pain and take her to a peaceful place when the time comes.
I hear she is an amazing woman and she must have given you a bit of it.
I don't think Safiyah, non-Muslim people go to hell. God is the one to know every second of our lives. In death there is no religion any more, God loves us all.

Inspirational Quotes said...

My prayers are with your grandmother, and all those affected. May Allah bless all of you.

Bonnie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmother may Allah bring you comfort and peace at this time. As Muslims we are not supposed to ever say who is going to hell or not as we are not Allah and have no right to judge anyone, only Allah truly knows the intentions of someones heart.

Safiyah said...

Thank you, everyone! I really appreciate your wishes and prayers!

rose water said...

Dearest Safiyah!
Your grandmother and you and your family are in my duaas!! <3 <3 <3

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