Tragedy strikes at Belgian Festival

{ Friday, August 19, 2011 }
Yesterday, a severe storm hit my country. I was in the veranda when it happened. The sky grew completely dark, the harsh wind made the trees bend to their sides, and the rain came crashing down from the sky. The thunder was deafening, and the lighting so close it was scary. Really it was very threatening and I couldn't believe that only half an hour before the sky was blue and the sun was shining!

Yesterday it was also the first day of the Belgian music festival Pukkelpop. It's outside. It's a large festival and it draws a lot of people. My brother was planning on going today, and I know countless people who attend it.
When I turned on the news, they gave me images of chaos. The tents there had collapsed, and people had no shelter. In the last update today I read that 5 people died and 140 are wounded, because of the constructions that came crashing down. Most people who go there are my age, still very young. The upside of the story is that I feel a great solidarity in my country. Everyone is giving their support to the victims, and it's everywhere, on Facebook, Twitter, the radio and tv etc. The people who organised the festival also decided to cancel the rest of the concerts, out of respect for the victims. My heart goes out to them. Please pray for the victims and their families, that the wounded may be healed, and the dead may rest in peace. A death doesn't only affect one life, but also the life of everyone around him/her, and it's just so sad :( You go there wanting to have some fun, and then all of a sudden you are surrounded by chaos and things that come crashing down above your head! I can't imagine how scared everyone must have been!

Here is a report from the BBC on what happened, with video:


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MarieHarmony said...

It's terrible. But nice to see people united with the ones in pain. Praying for the souls of the departed but mainly for the ones who stay behind, cause if the ones who died were your age, it means the ones who stay are parents and what can be worse for a dad or mum than to see their children die.

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