What would happen in a world without judgement?

{ Saturday, August 6, 2011 }
How many people feel insecure and afraid because they feel others will judge them? We muffle away our dreams and aspirations, because they are too grandiose, too ambitious, and others will surely condemn us for it, and laugh with us, and calls us stupid for trying to achieve what we want to achieve. 
How many times do we lie to avoid other's harsh reactions? How many times do we act in a certain way, do a certain thing, just so others would remain content with us? 
I wonder, what would happen if no one would condemn us? What would happen if others loved us for who we are, and speak only kind, comforting, motivating and compassionate words? How would our world look like?
Your first reaction might be that crime would increase, and surely we can't let criminals and sinners walk free!
I am not saying a criminal should "walk free" without any treatment, but let's think about how criminals become who they are. Isn't it so that in a lot of cases they were surrounded by lovelessness, hatred, abuse, coldness?
Our society, our world is so busy with punishing and judging that we forget to look at the roots of the problem. People do horrible things, yes, but can we honestly say that we could have done nothing to prevent it? That some people are just born evil?

What would happen if we believed in a God who loves us for who we are, without judgement? What would happen with our feelings of worthlessness and failure? Wouldn't they all be erased by God's light? How many times do people think it's too late for them, that they are doomed, that God is too angry with them and has completely deserted them? What would happen if it would never be too late, for God loves us always and is just seeking to heal us from our misconceptions about ourselves? Wouldn't our hearts soften? Wouldn't we get on our knees and surrender to this loving power much easier? What would happen to all those closed hearts that turned away from God because they felt they couldn't live up to God's so called expectations? Wouldn't they turn back?

There are only two feelings in this world: fear and love. Fear is only the absence of love, like darkness is the absence of light. Tell me, can you think of any other way to cast out darkness than to put on a light? Can we chase away darkness by beating it? Bombing it? Cursing it? I think we all know the answer.
What is fear but a call for love? How many times do we respond in a defensive way, when all we want is the other person to truly see us and extend their love to us? To accept us as we are, so we don't need to pretend anymore? What would happen if that other person, instead of becoming angry with us and judging us, would smile at us, hug us, and tell us it's ok, that we can relax because he/she still loves us and that will not change? I don't know about you, but I feel a huge relief when I think about such a reaction, and I believe my heart would break open and let go of all my anger and frustration with the world. 
More importantly, wouldn't you like to be such a person and bring such healing to others?

I still judge others easily, but from the moment I notice such a reaction in myself, I ask God to bless that person and to bring him/her love, happiness, peace and success. When I pray for this person, I notice that my heart softens and that the judgement is gone. I don't ask God to change that person, but to change my perception of that person, so I can respond in a compassionate and understanding way. I don't always succeed, but I feel this is a very good way to respond to our tendency to judge others. Instead of bringing more negativity to them, we can wish them all the best and perhaps even bring some softness in a harsh world. 
If we are looking to find fault in others, then that is what we will find. If we are looking for the innocence and good in others, then that is what we will find. We can't change others, but we can change our perception of what we see in them. Everyone has goodness in them, even if it's just a tiny seed. We can water this little seed with our love and kindness or squash it with our anger and judgement. Didn't a wise man once said "We must be the change we wish to see"? And another wise man "Those who are without sins throw the first stone"?
There is so much darkness, judgement and coldness in this world, please, let us love one another and work towards a brighter day.


Ʋƨɐɠɪ ❤ said...

Salams Safiyah~

Nice post! Many things you say are true but is that not why Allah constantly says he is oft forgiving, most merciful? Even if someone does the greatest sin and repents sincerely, they are forgiven?

About 'evil' people, I do think some people are actually born that way. Personally from experience a lot of personality traits/ who we are comes from the unknown. I grew up without knowing my real father and met him when I was 9. It's uncanny to believe he never raised me. A lot of who I am comes from my fathers DNA, even my personality.

I don't really know though - I'm just giving my opinion/throwing an idea out >w< I guess people just interpret certain things differently.

Aiman said...

I did i post a bit like this one...not entirely


I totally feel for what you have said in this one.

MarieHarmony said...

This is a powerful post Safiyah. In my opinion the world would be a much loving place if we would let go of judgement.
People would not be afraid of being themselves, would not hide their choices or live in fear of what others will think.

We all judge but if we all do like you are doing we would send more messages of love than of hate or fear.
After all, God gives us all of our lives to understand our mistakes and turn to him for forgiveness. I never heard God won't forgive us if we ask him with all our heart.

Continue to write and ask these questions we can think about and try to figure out the next step we can make, what change we can do for the world to become a better place.
Take care always.

Safiyah said...

Dear Ʋƨɐɠɪ, your ideas are most welcome here :) Yes you might be right, but then I wonder, if someone is born that way, can one really help it? If it's in someone's DNA to do evil things, can he/she go any other way? It just makes me wonder about the ethics in punishing people. Of course we can't let someone like that walk around freely, but I wonder if we could find another way to treat people like that, maybe to heal them instead of punishing them? I don't know...

Thank you, Aiman, I will check your post out! :)

Thank you for your kind words Marie :) I am longing for a world without judgement, but as long as I cannot free myself entirely of judgement of others, I can hardly expect others to be like that. I hope that we can at least all strive towards a loving world :) You take care too! <3

djd said...

Great post!

Good can be contagious. :-)

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