{ Sunday, October 30, 2011 }
Yesterday I went to Citystars, a very big shopping mall in Nasr City, to meet up with my Egyptian friend D.
I had to take the taxi since it's about 30min from where I live. I don't like to take taxi's on my own because you never know how the driver is going to act, if he's going to try to hit on you or charge you too much. It's so exhausting really. The driver of the taxi I took to get there pretended to try to avoid traffic jams by driving me around and around while the meter was running. That was nothing in comparison to the taxidriver who drove me back though. His meter was obviously tampered with, because it charged me 15 pounds more than the normal price!
I gave him 5 pounds more than the normal price, which I already thought was very generous, but he wasn't satisfied yet. He came after me when I got out, and screamed "give me my money! give me my money!" I answered back in my best Egyptian and told him that no way I was going to pay so much and that I wasn't stupid. After lots of screaming he finally told me "imshi!imshi!" and got back in his cab. The thing that annoyed me the most was that he acted like it was my fault entirely, and that I just refused to pay! He really got on my nerves, and confirmed why I don't like to take taxi's. I'm sure he knew very well that he was charging me way too much!

Apart from that I had a nice time. I don't see my friend a lot, because she lives on the other side of Cairo, so it was nice to catch up. We went to the movies, and afterwards she helped me pick a gift for my fiance. I also bought new shoes, although I noticed I don't seem to have a size in Egypt lol. 40 is a bit too small and 41 is too big! It's really frustrating. We also talked about our future plans and just life in general and it was very nice :) I really like Citystars, although the stores there are rather expensive. But you just have everything in one place, which is very handy!

Six days until my fiance will come, and it feels like eternity!


Candice said...

Those taxi drivers are quite something! It really stressed me out too to have to take the taxi alone. I ended up always making a price with them before I got in to avoid all the drama. They'd try to charge me 3x the regular amount sometimes - it was crazy! As a foreigner, I always gave them maybe 1.5x the regular amount... I've had to throw the money at them and leave too... It's embarrassing to seem like a cheat, but I'm sure mostly people know that it's the taxi drivers being the cheats.

Safiyah said...

yeah, it really sucks, and I have quite a few taxirides in my near future :/

Londoneya Eyan said...

I feel your anxiety about taking a taxi on my own too, and have only done it once on my own. I just can't trust them either on the various reasons you stated. But to be fair, I felt the same with mini-cabs in London too. I guess it depends on the driver's background.

Safiyah said...

That's one thing I don't miss about Egypt :p Thanks for visiting my blog! =)

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