How Twilight should have ended

{ Tuesday, January 31, 2012 }
Bella: "No, Edward. I do not want to sacrifice my life, body and soul to become a bloodthirsty vampire who never sleeps, has forgotten the taste of ice cream and chocolate cake and has no heartbeat for a man who leaves me in the cold everytime things get a little bit rough, only likes me for the way I smell, makes me feel so inadequate because he happens to be handsome and practical and good in bloody everything, and makes me pregnant with a child that eats me from the inside! I happen to value the life I had before I met you and I'm not ready to drop everything to become a demon and be with you. You make me feel bad about myself and that's a major red flag for me. Yes, you might be dashingly handsome and your eyes may change color at random, but I appreciate the deeper things in a person, like personality,morality and a good character. Oh, and basically you are always ordering me around and treating me like I am a moron. So, thank you for the time we spent together, but I'll go looking now for someone who does appreciate me and is slightly more human and alive. Cheers."

Sorry, I just had to have this little rant. What people find romantic these days! I find  Twilight extremely disempowering to women. It's the same old same old story of the girl giving up everything just so she can be with her one true love, like she has no life or friends or values! On top of that, from the first book, it's very obvious that Bella feels like she doesn't deserve to be with Edward, because he's too good-looking. What is the message that our daughters, or little sisters will get from these books? I don't even want to imagine. I completely don't understand why the whole Twilight saga is such a success. But the fact that it is, is very depressing. 

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