I've been robbed =(

{ Wednesday, January 18, 2012 }
About a week ago my laptop got stolen.
I don't know exactly how it happened or who did it.
The laptop was stolen from my apartment in Cairo, but there are no signs of burglary. My charger and an adapter are gone too. It seems like whoever did it had the key to the apartment, although I don't know how that's possible. We changed the locks when we started to rent the apartment, so it can't be a previous tenant.
We changed the locks again now.
Anyway, that's the reason why I haven't been updating my blog. I'll be in Belgium soon and then I'll buy a new one inshaAllah. It put a bit of a damper on my last days here, not to mention I had deadlines for uni to meet.

Hope you are all well!


Mimi said...

Sorry about that!

I left my laptop in the dorm in Muscat. I wonder if it got stolen too!!

-Fahad Naeem- said...

Stay happy and purchase a new one so that we could read your posts again. Do well Safiyah.

Almost a Muslimah said...

ahh hun, so sorry to hear that! :( hope you can make all your deadlines without your computer. big hugs! xx

Bonnie said...

Argh that sucks SO much! I remember just before exams my bag got stolen along with ALL of my notes and assignments. Hope you managed to have a back up of photos etc?

Becky said...

I'm so sorry, that really sucks :( I hope you have insurance to cover it :)

MarieHarmony said...

I am sorry for this and I just hope you will manage for your deadlines.
Take care and look forward reading you as soon as you are back in Belgium. xx

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