How to Achieve Tranquility of the Heart

{ Sunday, February 12, 2012 }

Sometimes it feels like it’s just too much – these fluctuations in our iman, the repeated sinning, the feeling that “I just don’t deserve Allah’s mercy.” The tests always feel like punishments. There is a constant worry about the future: my marriage, my money, my career, my Ummah… And some difficulties just feel like they are too great to overcome. We know we’re not supposed to ask this, but the question at the back of our minds is, “Why me?”
We have all heard that we should never despair of Allah’s Mercy. And on the surface, we try not to, but Shaytaan (the Devil) has a trick. We tend to despair of ourselves and our incapacity to change things, especially the inner turmoil that we feel. And the effect of this is basically the same as despairing of Allah’s mercy. We do not always accept that Allah can take us out of the situation we are in and we don’t need to ‘deserve’ the trouble; Allah isn’t punishing us and we don’t need to be perfect.

For more, please go to

It's a really good site! :)


MarieHarmony said...

I confirm, it's a great link. After reading a chapter every night I feel my heart is starting to find harmony, to be more balanced in its emotions.
Thank you very much for sharing - It'a a precious gift.

SS said...

Assalamu Alaikum safiyah.
This link is great.
Some tricky named bloggers link atheists page to have alcohols and pigs mentality when they get too stressed or depressed..
But reading the articles on your linked blog is “more divine way” for peace of mind and tranquility.
I have one more inspirational link to read:

Thank you for the link sister.

Jazakum Allah Khair.

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