Why I want to wear hijaab

{ Monday, February 6, 2012 }
Assalaamu aleykum :)

Alhamdulillah, my imaan is slowly growing again, after a long period of being very weak. As a result, I feel the desire again to wear hijaab. My practise of Islam is far from perfect, but I feel hijaab will help my imaan a lot, because I'm constantly reminded of the fact that I'm Muslim. I want to wear hijaab because I believe it's obliged in Islam. It pleases God and it's a protection. It liberates women from trying to adhere to unrealistic beauty ideals.  
I don't live in a Muslim country, and I'm the only Muslim in my family, so wearing hijaab would bring a lot of challenges and hardships. My Muslim friends warned me for that. They said I really need to be ready and sure and be convinced that I'll never take my hijaab off again. I have to admit that I feel a knot in my stomach when I think of telling my parents and wearing it to family dinners. It's in my personality to want to please, and hijaab will definitely not be pleasing to them. But I'm not harming anyone or stepping on anyone's rights by wearing hijaab, and if people want to comment negatively on it, then that says more about their personality than mine. 


SS said...
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Banana Anne said...

Masha'Allah, that's a very exciting decision you've made. Insha'Allah it all goes well, your family will accept it (or at least tolerate it), and may your iman will continue to grow, Ameen!

Safiyah said...

Dear SS, ameen and thank you for your duaa :)
You said: "They and their thoughts are like cancerous cells in our weak faith"
To me, everyone has the right to express his or her opinion. If someone posts something bad about Islam, then basically that's their right to do so. You don't have to feel threatened. On the contrary, it's a great way to gain knowledge, by looking up the issues they address, and have problems with, in trusted sources and finding an explanation. If they want to listen, then great, if they don't, just leave them in peace. In the end, it's not our job to judge them.

Banana Anne, ameen! thanks for your nice words :)

MarieHarmony said...

Happy dear Safiyah to read you in this positive state of mind.
May your decision brings you peace. It is sure it will be hard for your family, but remember it is just because they don't share your faith and maybe do not understand the importance of Hijab for you.
My prayers go to you. Be blessed and may Allah makes it easy for you.
Take care. xxx

Safiyah said...

Thank you very much, my dear friend :) I agree that my parents don't understand the importance of hijaab. They see it as oppressive, unnecessary and unpractical. C'est vraiment dommage mais je ne sais pas comment je peux changer leurs avis :( Merci pour tes mots gentils, Marie :)

MarieHarmony said...

Malheureusement Safiyah, ce n'est qu'en te voyant evoluer, grandir dans ta foi qu'un jour peut-etre ils comprendront.
Mes parents, ma mere surtout, pense exactement la meme chose (elle emploie les memes mots que tu cites - j'essaye souvent de lui en parler mais non ca ne passe pas).

Sincerement je pense que Dieu ne t'en voudra pas si tu attends un peu ou si tu y vas a petits pas, ce qui compte a mon avis c'est la facon dont tu vis ta foi et ce que tu crois au fond de toi (avis personel, personne ne sait vraiment ce que Dieu pense, souviens toi qu'il voit tout et entend tout, simplement)

Je pense fort a toi. Marie

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