Women, Modesty and Hijab in Islam

{ Tuesday, February 28, 2012 }
Assalaamu aleykum! :)

Amenakin did an interview with sheikh Abdel Hakim Murad, and asked him some very interesting questions. I very much like his points of view, and I think they are shariah based, with a touch of beauty and spirituality very much lacking in some other sheikh's opinions.
Here are the questions she asked him:

1) What is 'Hijab' and how should it affect us on an inner and outer level?
2) For Muslim women living and working in the West, how do you suggest we can ensure that we are growing spiritually, whilst being surrounded by materialism and often being tempted by it?
3) What advice would you give to sisters (reverts and non-reverts) who are finding it difficult to start wearing hijab?
4) What methods can one use to increase one's eeman? Many people nowadays suffer from having severe "dips" in their faith, and become very distressed upon realising this. Could you suggest some methods that might help to rectify this type of spiritual crisis?
5) Do you have any recommendations of books or articles about the "basics of Islam", for people who are interested in finding out about the foundations of the religion?

6) What is the best way to advise and correct fellow Muslims if you feel as though they are doing something "wrong"?
7). What about if you don't have access to a sufficiently knowledgeable person and wish to seek an opinion on something that hasn't had a fatwa given on it?
8) Is it permissible for Muslim women to wear coloured hijabs or attire?
9) How can Muslim women with 'busy' lives (working, studying, looking after dependents etc) contribute positively to society, whilst representing Islam in the best way possible?
10)  Is it permissible for us Muslim women to shake hands with men, for example, at job interview or formal occasions?
11) Do you have any tips for sisters to maintain the correct intention when wearing hijab, when it's always criticised in some way or another by both Muslims and non-Muslims?
12) When thoughts of taking off her hijab come to a sister, what can she do?
13). Are there any areas of his work where Imam Al-Ghazali mentions the role of Muslim women?

The best way is to watch it with your headphones and your volume turned up ;)

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