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{ Wednesday, April 11, 2012 }
Assalaamu aleykum,

If there is one site that continues to bug me, it's It pains me to see so many people taking advice from it, because to me, the site is not Islamic AT ALL. It has a degrading view on women and non-Muslims .

Some examples:
“Allaah says ‘Men are the protectors and maintainers of women’ meaning that the man is in charge of the woman, i.e., he is the leader and head of the household, the one who disciplines her if she goes astray. 
‘because Allaah has made one of them to excel the other’ i.e., because men are superior to women and are  better than women."

Uhm??? I'm too horrified for words.

"There may be some women who are wiser than some men, but this is not the usual rule and such women are not in the majority. Sharee’ah is based on what is general and most common. 
The fact that women are lacking in reason does not mean that they are crazy, rather their reason is often overtaken by their emotions, and this happens to women more often than it happens to men. No one would deny this except one who is arrogant."

(I call you arrogant, you *refrains from various swearing words that come to mind*. You see, I can be rational too and control my emotions.)

A man has the right to issue a divorce and it is valid if he does so, but a woman does not have the right to issue a divorce

Ever heard of khula', you so called sheikh?

 "Women are weaker than men in memory and forget more than men do. This is well known, for most of the reputable scholars in the world are men. There are some women who are more intelligent and have better memories than some men, but this does not cancel out the general rule. Most cases are as we have described above. 
With regard to emotions, men speak of them when they get angry or when they are happy, but women are affected by the slightest emotional effects, so their tears flow at the slightest emotional provocation."

You can be sure I'm not going to cry over you, douchebag.

Another equally annoying post

I can quote so many articles from this horrible site. I don't call this Islam, I call this male arrogance. I don't see any mercy or kindness in these posts, rather a very patronising view on women. I don't think any self-respecting woman can honestly feel comfortable reading this, but I know that some women can be harder on their own sex than men are. I would be very happy if this site would just disappear, but as long as it remains so popular (God knows why!) it's not going to happen. It's sites like this that put me off Islam in the beginning, because I mistakenly thought that they actually represented Islam. They do more damage to the world than good. Or they create fundamentalism and misogyny, or they make people leave Islam. 

May God protect us from such ignorance, ameen! 


perfectly.imperfect said...

lmao, I go on here randomly to see what horrors the Muslim ummah has gotten themselves in to :P :P :P haha and the best part for me is how these sheikhs respond to them

Londoneya Eyan said...

Sadly these kinds of men take the Quran and Hadith and interpret it to their own liking, altering the true message God actually meant to convey. It is heartbreaking, and even more so that people who don't know about Islam that well think that this is Islam. *Sigh*

Candice said...

I can't take this site! I just cringe when women quote their fatwas to me! Makes me sad and just angry that they tolerate this and go one step further and try to make other women believe the crap that comes from this site.

New Wife said...

lol, this site has been blocked in saudi.

mmm, some of this stuff doesn't really make me mad. First: who gives a crap what they think?
Second: if you get mad, is it going to help the situation?
Third: Me and my husband definitely fit into these stereotypes, and i think many other people do too. I am the emotional one, my husband much more rational with a much better memory. I am better at empathizing with people understanding broad concepts. We both bring things to the relationship but it is true that he leads our family. They may be based in truth and just said in a "condescending" way due to translation.

anyway, always try making 70 excuses for your muslim brother and sister inshaAllah before you get mad, always helps me subhanAllah.

amatullah76 said...

New Wife: No indeed, the Arabic site is as horrific as the English. Ask your husband.
Also, whether you "fit these stereotypes" is no indication of lesser intelligence or humanity, thus, there is still no excuse. The platitude about 70 excuses has been used by far too many people to silence those who are pointing out injustice. You'll remember, or maybe don't know yet, that Muslims are required to speak the truth in the interest of justice, even if it's against ourselves or our closest family. That's what Safiyah was doing here.

DD said...

^one way to know if a site is based on the true teachings of Islam is if it's been blocked by the hypocritical american-loving Saudi regime!
moreover if there are some fatawa on there that look dodgy doesn't mean they all are. and i find the second quote to be very reasonable. i mean, it's based on fact and reality.
i think that the anger you show towards this may stem from remnants of western feminist ideas that you may still hold but western feminism is not Islam.
I'm not meaning to sound harsh or judgemental or anything like this. Rather i fully understand where you are coming from as you are a Western revert. All i suggest is that you not look at it from a Western feminist point of view

Safiyah said...

DD, thanks for your comment. I think that it's not based on reality. In fact, I think there are a lot of women who are wiser than men. If you mean by leaving behind my "Western feminist ideas" that I have to start believing that men are superior to women, then I kindly decline. If a site even has one dodgy fatwa, I think it shouldn't be trusted. Anyway, you have your beliefs and I have mine, but I will never give up the notion that women are equal in worth, and I don't think that makes me a bad Muslim.

Ali said...

I myself wrote an article on this. I list Islam QA's ridiculous fatwas:

Actual, true fatwas come from and (both work with Al Azhar, the worlds highest and oldest Islamic authority). Sunnipath is also a notable fatwa site. Trust me, you won't be shaking your head at the fatwas these scholars present.

@ DD

Thats a common response from Islam QA lovers. I was told by a user on Yahoo that only a kaffir rejects Islam QA.

Ali said...

BTW DD, I just looked at your profile. Now I know why you wrote what you did. You're constantly supporting blogs that praise Al Queda and the Taliban. No proper Muslim would EVER support such animals. I myself have had relatives killed, due to bomb blasts, which the Taliban openly claimed responsibility for. And you know where they were? At a mosque, during Ramadan.

Quite amazing what Muslims do these days.


assalamu alaykum safiyya. the site is very much alrite as it deals with real life, everyday issues and not just lectures. it also gives realistic and practicable answers. you may hold that opinion but look at it more critically at another time. truly the points the noble shaikh mentioned are indisputable facts. may Allah make it esay for us to see the truth as truth and to follow it. and to see falsehood as falsehood and to keep away from it.

Zara said...

Safiya I thought I was the only one. So frustrating especially when people treat these words like haqq.
"Rationally speaking, women should not be given positions of public office, because what is required of the one who is chosen for such a position is that he should a man of great resolve, determination, smartness, will power and good management skills. These characteristics are lacking in women because they have been created with weakness in their intellect and thinking, and with strong emotions, so electing them to such positions is not in the interests of the Muslims and does not help them to achieve greatness. "
I have no words.
Can you imagine our Prophet (SAW) speaking like that?
The rightly guided Caliph Umar appointed a woman, Shifa Bint Abdullah, as the administrator of the market in Madinah, enough said.

Sajid Rao said...

Hi Safyiah, I respect your emotional statements but there are many ways to see the things. If you see it wisely, the site is saying nothing but what Islam is actually saying to all of the Muslims. I myself got bunch of information from this site and it is highly appreciated. Let me know if you need to discuss more on this. skype: saad.sajid

sociable7 said...

Its a wahhabi/deobandi site. Really backwards

bobbyvalentino said...

Twisted woman. Get over the feminist hurdles.

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