Gems of the Week II

{ Wednesday, April 18, 2012 }
More like Gems of the Month, but anyway! ;-)

Softening the Heart - A simple article with tips on how to soften your heart

Don't Make Someone the Sole Source Of Your Happiness - A thoughtful reminder

100 Tips & Thoughts for Better Self-Esteem - An eye-opener. Definitely worth reading!

If loving someone means that you can’t love you, always, without a doubt, choose you.

Why Do People Have to Leave Each Other? - A thoughtful article by Yasmin Mogahed on how to attach ourselves more to God than dunya.


rose water said...

Assalaam Alaikum dear Safiyah!
Jazakallah khair for this great post!! I'm really looking forward to going through all the articles when my exam is over. I find all the topics very interesting!
I wish you a beautiful day and hope all is well <3 <3 <3

MarieHarmony said...

These sounds like great articles your shared Safiyah! Thanks a million.

Safiyah said...

w aleykum assalaam dear rose water!
Take your time =) Good luck with your exam!! May Allah swt make it easy for you and help you succeed, ameen! x

Safiyah said...

You're welcome dear Marie =)

Anne said...

These articles sound lovely. Thanks for sharing them.

Safiyah said...

You're welcome, Anne =) x

Anne said...

I forgot to mention that I was just given a Blogger Appreciation award and I've passed it on to you. Just a small way of saying how I enjoy reading your posts. Hope you can stop by my blog to get it.

Candice said...

The article about softening the heart reminds me of an article I read and loved last Ramadan. It can be applied at any time though:

If you're interested!

Safiyah said...

Thank you for the link, Candice =) I'll definitely check it out!

SARAH said...

love this post! jazakAllah khair for sharing. the Yasin Mojahed article is AMAAAZING.

btw i like the Austen heroine quiz you have up. Elizabeth bennet is the best heroine !! :)

Safiyah said...

You're welcome, Sarah =) You have a lovely blog!

I'm very fond of Elizabeth Bennet, even if she's only fictional. ;-)

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