Our Inner Compass

{ Tuesday, April 17, 2012 }
"Dear friend, your heart is a polished mirror. You must wipe it clean of the veil of dust that has gathered upon it, because it is destined to reflect the light of divine secrets."  -al-Ghazzal

I firmly believe that in the depths of our being, we have a compass, that guides us towards the Truth. We can consult it, and ask it questions, and if we listen carefully it will point us in the right direction.
Using this compass, this pure untouched light, requires consciousness. It's clear from the human state that a lot of people are not in touch with it, and in fact ignore the gentle whisper from the depths of their soul. I believe that this compass is a gift from God, a drop of water from His ocean of Mercy and Light. Some would call it intuition, and I agree, but it goes deeper than that. I believe that, on top of giving us hunches about a certain person, situation or event, it also guides us and helps us find our way in life. It's what people describe as "listening to your heart and discovering what really makes you happy".

Maybe the next question would be, how to distinguish it from our ego or lower desires? I think if we are honest with ourselves, we already know the difference. The voice of our ego is negative, impolite, judging and harsh. It's that voice in the back of our head that nags us and tells us we are lazy and not good enough, never good enough. And that others aren't either. "What the hell is she wearing? What she said right now is so dumb! His jokes are so silly, he only ever makes a fool of himself." That biting tone is our inner judge, our ego, our lower desires and sometimes it can really overcloud the pureness in us. We must clean our heart with sincere prayer, meditation and remembrance of God. We must clean it by reassuring ourselves, looking in the mirror with a smile and saying "I love you". There is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of self-love, and there is nothing humble or noble about self-loathing.
We must clean our heart, our inner compass, by smiling a lot and believing in love, in the goodness of people.

The voice of our inner compass would never force us, swear at us or have a negative, toxic edge. It's gentle, subtle and full of mercy and compassion. It's that voice that tell us, during a dark night when we are sobbing and all seems lost, that we are going to be ok, that we'll live and come out stronger. It's that light in us, that keeps burning, even when everything else seems to have abandoned us. A gift from God can never be harmed or destroyed or turned into a tool of negativity. The closer we come to God, the Merciful, the more this gentle voice will speak to us and be heard. Our inner judge will go on holiday or resign, and the poisonous thoughts will stop. We will feel compassion instead of judgement, and we will realise that everyone is following their own path. Instead of hating, we will pray for someone, and ask God to shower him/her with love and light, and guide him/her on the right path. We will be in touch with our pureness, that directly connects us with God. Of course, we need constant consciousness, constant remembrance to achieve this, and it's not an easy path. But it's the path to happiness and inner peace, and to a life that serves you, instead of you serving your life.


Dana said...

Assalamu Alaykum waRahmatullahi waBarakatuh dear sis,
SubhanAllah, such a beautiful post , a post speaking the truth. To be able to be pure we must be honest and truthful...we are born pure, and if we didn't follow the influence and ways of this life we would probably grow pure knowing that God is up there and he guides whom he wills, Allah knows what dwells in our hearts. We must work on our hearts, to humble ourselves before our Lord. I love this post sis. I pray May Allah guide us all and may Allah guide the ones who are lost, indeed we feel peace in truth and truth always prevailed over falsehood.
Take care :)
Fee amanillah.

Safiyah said...

Ameen! Thank you sis for your kind and true words! =)

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