About me

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Dear readers,

Welcome to my blog. 
Here I will give some more information about myself and this blog.
In August 2010 I converted to Islam after I spent a couple of years being interested and reading about it. Previous to my interest in Islam I read about other religions and ways of life and I suppose that influence and knowledge sticks by me until today, making me not the typical convert, if there is such a thing anyway.
I chose Islam because I feel it resonates with me, but that doesn't mean I don't have doubts, on the contrary even. This is part of what my blog is about: my journey into Islam and life as a convert.
Furthermore, I'm also interested in self-development and a more general spirituality that transcends all religions and ways of life.
I'm currently living in Egypt until the end of January, and the past months I have written a few posts about my experiences in Cairo.
Like so many people, I'm in search of who I really am and what I really stand for, what I want in this life and what I should learn to avoid, and naturally this blog is a part of my self-discovery.
My dream is to become a writer and my blog will also contain some of my fictional writings.

What else is there to know about me?
- I am a vegetarian and I love animals. Animal abuse makes me angry in ways that nothing else can.
- I am a Highly Sensitive Person, a term invented by Elaine Aron. I've also written some posts about life as a HSP

I like having a quiet life, with plenty of time for myself. I enjoy observing and thinking, and finding deeper meaning in it all. 
I hope you have a good time here, you are most welcome. 

For any comments, suggestions or contact, you can reach me at: safiyahsmusings@hotmail.com

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