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Here you can find my blog posts arranged by theme.

Starting Inevitably with a Poem

Tragedy Strikes at Belgian Festival

The Thing about Egypt
Fatimid Cairo

Inner Life and Psychology
My thoughts on "women who run with the wolves"
I am Responsible
Love is Patient
I am a HSP
What's Wrong With Me?
Some Thoughts and Future Plans

Life as a Muslim convert
Being a Muslim in the West
Feeling Annoyed with Myself
Praying in Group
My thoughts on Polygamy
Another self-proclaimed Islam expert
Your advice please :-)
Lowest Imaan ever :-(

Vegetarianism and Animal Rights
Why I'm a Vegetarian

If You Wish for Light
The Importance of Remaining Conscious
A Chinese Proverb
All Shall Fade
A Wise Prophet of God: Jesus of Nazareth
Marianne Williamson Quotes
What Would Happen in a World Without Judgement?

Interesting Site
Allah's mercy and love for His creation
The Danger of Weak Hadiths
Interesting Article on Sufism, Wahhabism and the definition of "bid'a"
Some Hadiths in Defense of the Prophet

Women's Issues
Women's nature?!
My thoughts on Beyoncé's New Single
Marriage is Not a Prison!
Good luck, Saudi Women!
God Help Us Women!
The Beauty in Women

Feeling sad

Some say love
I was Here

My Grandmother
Please Pray For her!
In Memoriam: My Grandmother

About me
My Love for Classical Music
A Day in the Sun
My Secret Vice
I want to be free!

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